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Name Type Mana Cost Rarity Artist
Afflicted Deserter Creature – Human Werewolf   {3}{R} Uncommon David Palumbo
Alpha Brawl Sorcery –   {6}{R}{R} Rare Randy Gallegos
Altar of the Lost Artifact –   {3} Uncommon Daarken
Archangel's Light Sorcery –   {7}{W} Mythic Rare Volkan Baǵa
Archdemon of Greed Creature – Demon   Rare Igor Kieryluk
Artful Dodge Sorcery –   {U} Common Tomasz Jedruszek
Avacyn's Collar Artifact – Equipment   {1} Uncommon James Paick
Bar the Door Instant –   {2}{W} Common Ryan Pancoast
Beguiler of Wills Creature – Human Wizard   {3}{U}{U} Mythic Rare Eric Deschamps
Black Cat Creature – Zombie Cat   {1}{B} Common David Palumbo
Blood Feud Sorcery –   {4}{R}{R} Uncommon Winona Nelson
Bone to Ash Instant –   {2}{U}{U} Common Clint Cearley
Break of Day Instant –   {1}{W} Common Karl Kopinski
Briarpack Alpha Creature – Wolf   {3}{G} Uncommon Daarken
Burden of Guilt Enchantment – Aura   {W} Common John Stanko
Burning Oil Instant –   {1}{R} Uncommon Trevor Claxton
Call to the Kindred Enchantment – Aura   {3}{U} Rare Jason A. Engle
Chalice of Death Artifact –   Uncommon Ryan Yee
Chalice of Life Artifact –   {3} Uncommon Ryan Yee
Chant of the Skifsang Enchantment – Aura   {2}{U} Common Nils Hamm
Chill of Foreboding Sorcery –   {2}{U} Uncommon Terese Nielsen
Chosen of Markov Creature – Human   {2}{B} Common Steve Argyle
Clinging Mists Instant –   {2}{G} Common Anthony Francisco
Counterlash Instant –   {4}{U}{U} Rare Austin Hsu
Crushing Vines Instant –   {2}{G} Common Scott Chou
Curse of Bloodletting Enchantment – Aura Curse   {3}{R}{R} Rare Michael C. Hayes
Curse of Echoes Enchantment – Aura Curse   {4}{U} Rare Slawomir Maniak
Curse of Exhaustion Enchantment – Aura Curse   {2}{W}{W} Uncommon Slawomir Maniak
Curse of Misfortunes Enchantment – Aura Curse   {4}{B} Rare Terese Nielsen
Curse of Thirst Enchantment – Aura Curse   {4}{B} Uncommon Christopher Moeller
Dawntreader Elk Creature – Elk   {1}{G} Common John Avon
Deadly Allure Sorcery –   {B} Uncommon Steve Argyle
Death's Caress Sorcery –   {3}{B}{B} Common James Ryman
Deranged Outcast Creature – Human Rogue   {1}{G} Rare Nils Hamm
Diregraf Captain Creature – Zombie Soldier   {1}{U}{B} Uncommon Slawomir Maniak
Divination Sorcery –   {2}{U} Common Scott Chou
Drogskol Captain Creature – Spirit Soldier   {1}{W}{U} Uncommon Peter Mohrbacher
Drogskol Reaver Creature – Spirit   {5}{W}{U} Mythic Rare Vincent Proce
Dungeon Geists Creature – Spirit   {2}{U}{U} Rare Nils Hamm
Elbrus, the Binding Blade Legendary Artifact – Equipment   {7} Mythic Rare Eric Deschamps
Elgaud Inquisitor Creature – Human Cleric   {3}{W} Common Slawomir Maniak
Erdwal Ripper Creature – Vampire   {1}{R}{R} Common Kev Walker
Evolving Wilds Land –   Common Cliff Childs
Executioner's Hood Artifact – Equipment   {2} Common Anthony Palumbo
Faith's Shield Instant –   {W} Uncommon Svetlin Velinov
Faithless Looting Sorcery –   {R} Common Gabor Szikszai
Falkenrath Aristocrat Creature – Vampire Noble   {2}{B}{R} Mythic Rare Igor Kieryluk
Falkenrath Torturer Creature – Vampire   {2}{B} Common Steve Argyle
Farbog Boneflinger Creature – Zombie   {4}{B} Uncommon Tomasz Jedruszek
Favor of the Woods Enchantment – Aura   {2}{G} Common Tomasz Jedruszek
Feed the Pack Enchantment –   {5}{G} Rare Steve Prescott
Fiend of the Shadows Creature – Vampire Wizard   {3}{B}{B} Rare Igor Kieryluk
Fires of Undeath Instant –   {2}{R} Common Jason Chan
Flayer of the Hatebound Creature – Devil   {5}{R} Rare Jana Schirmer & Johannes Voss
Fling Instant –   {1}{R} Common Izzy
Forge Devil Creature – Devil   {R} Common Austin Hsu
Gather the Townsfolk Sorcery –   {1}{W} Common Dan Scott
Gavony Ironwright Creature – Human Soldier   {2}{W} Uncommon Karl Kopinski
Geralf's Messenger Creature – Zombie   {B}{B}{B} Rare Kev Walker
Geralf's Mindcrusher Creature – Zombie Horror   {4}{U}{U} Rare Steven Belledin
Ghastly Haunting Enchantment – Aura   Uncommon Lucas Graciano
Ghoultree Creature – Zombie Treefolk   {7}{G} Rare Volkan Baǵa
Grafdigger's Cage Artifact –   {1} Rare Daniel Ljunggren
Gravecrawler Creature – Zombie   {B} Rare Steven Belledin
Gravepurge Instant –   {2}{B} Common Zoltan Boros
Gravetiller Wurm Creature – Wurm   {5}{G} Uncommon Slawomir Maniak
Grim Backwoods Land –   Rare Vincent Proce
Grim Flowering Sorcery –   {5}{G} Uncommon Adam Paquette
Griptide Instant –   {3}{U} Common Igor Kieryluk
Gruesome Discovery Sorcery –   {2}{B}{B} Common John Stanko
Harrowing Journey Sorcery –   {4}{B} Uncommon James Paick
Haunted Fengraf Land –   Common Adam Paquette
Havengul Lich Creature – Zombie Wizard   {3}{U}{B} Mythic Rare James Ryman
Havengul Runebinder Creature – Human Wizard   {2}{U}{U} Rare Bud Cook
Headless Skaab Creature – Zombie Warrior   {2}{U} Common Johann Bodin
Heavy Mattock Artifact – Equipment   {3} Common Winona Nelson
Heckling Fiends Creature – Devil   {2}{R} Uncommon Clint Cearley
Hellrider Creature – Devil   {2}{R}{R} Rare Svetlin Velinov
Helvault Legendary Artifact –   {3} Mythic Rare Jaime Jones
Highborn Ghoul Creature – Zombie   {B}{B} Common Volkan Baǵa
Hinterland Hermit Creature – Human Werewolf   {1}{R} Common Steven Belledin
Hinterland Scourge Creature – Werewolf   Common Steven Belledin
Hollowhenge Beast Creature – Beast   {3}{G}{G} Common Dave Kendall
Hollowhenge Spirit Creature – Spirit   {3}{W} Uncommon Lars Grant-West
Hunger of the Howlpack Instant –   {G} Common Nils Hamm
Huntmaster of the Fells Creature – Human Werewolf   {2}{R}{G} Mythic Rare Chris Rahn
Immerwolf Creature – Wolf   {1}{R}{G} Uncommon Terese Nielsen
Increasing Ambition Sorcery –   {4}{B} Rare Volkan Baǵa
Increasing Confusion Sorcery –   {X}{U} Rare Dan Scott
Increasing Devotion Sorcery –   {3}{W}{W} Rare Daniel Ljunggren
Increasing Savagery Sorcery –   {2}{G}{G} Rare Steve Prescott
Increasing Vengeance Instant –   {R}{R} Rare Anthony Francisco
Jar of Eyeballs Artifact –   {3} Rare Jaime Jones
Kessig Recluse Creature – Spider   {2}{G}{G} Common Vincent Proce
Krallenhorde Killer Creature – Werewolf   Rare Zoltan Boros
Lambholt Elder Creature – Human Werewolf   {2}{G} Uncommon Matt Stewart
Lingering Souls Sorcery –   {2}{W} Uncommon Bud Cook
Lost in the Woods Enchantment –   {3}{G}{G} Rare Matt Stewart
Loyal Cathar Creature – Human Soldier   {W}{W} Common Ryan Pancoast
Markov Blademaster Creature – Vampire Warrior   {1}{R}{R} Rare Jana Schirmer & Johannes Voss
Markov Warlord Creature – Vampire Warrior   {5}{R} Uncommon Cynthia Sheppard
Markov's Servant Creature – Vampire   Common Steve Argyle
Midnight Guard Creature – Human Soldier   {2}{W} Common Jason A. Engle
Mikaeus, the Unhallowed Legendary Creature – Zombie Cleric   {3}{B}{B}{B} Mythic Rare Chris Rahn
Mondronen Shaman Creature – Human Shaman Werewolf   {3}{R} Rare Mike Sass
Moonscarred Werewolf Creature – Werewolf   Common Cynthia Sheppard
Moonveil Dragon Creature – Dragon   {3}{R}{R}{R} Mythic Rare Todd Lockwood
Mystic Retrieval Sorcery –   {3}{U} Uncommon Scott Chou
Nearheath Stalker Creature – Vampire Rogue   {4}{R} Common Michael C. Hayes
Nephalia Seakite Creature – Bird   {3}{U} Common Wayne England
Niblis of the Breath Creature – Spirit   {2}{U} Uncommon Igor Kieryluk
Niblis of the Mist Creature – Spirit   {2}{W} Common Igor Kieryluk
Niblis of the Urn Creature – Spirit   {1}{W} Uncommon Igor Kieryluk
Predator Ooze Creature – Ooze   {G}{G}{G} Rare Ryan Yee
Pyreheart Wolf Creature – Wolf   {2}{R} Uncommon Lars Grant-West
Ravager of the Fells Creature – Werewolf   Mythic Rare Chris Rahn
Ravenous Demon Creature – Demon   {3}{B}{B} Rare Igor Kieryluk
Ray of Revelation Instant –   {1}{W} Common Cliff Childs
Reap the Seagraf Sorcery –   {2}{B} Common James Ryman
Relentless Skaabs Creature – Zombie   {3}{U}{U} Uncommon Karl Kopinski
Requiem Angel Creature – Angel   {5}{W} Rare Eric Deschamps
Russet Wolves Creature – Wolf   {3}{R} Common Christopher Moeller
Sanctuary Cat Creature – Cat   {W} Common David Palumbo
Saving Grasp Instant –   {U} Common Matt Stewart
Scorch the Fields Sorcery –   {4}{R} Common Jaime Jones
Scorned Villager Creature – Human Werewolf   {1}{G} Common Cynthia Sheppard
Screeching Skaab Creature – Zombie   {1}{U} Common Clint Cearley
Secrets of the Dead Enchantment –   {2}{U} Uncommon Eytan Zana
Shattered Perception Sorcery –   {2}{R} Uncommon Terese Nielsen
Shriekgeist Creature – Spirit   {1}{U} Common Raymond Swanland
Sightless Ghoul Creature – Zombie Soldier   {3}{B} Common Svetlin Velinov
Silverclaw Griffin Creature – Griffin   {3}{W}{W} Common Daniel Ljunggren
Silverpelt Werewolf Creature – Werewolf   Uncommon Matt Stewart
Skillful Lunge Instant –   {1}{W} Common Jason Felix
Skirsdag Flayer Creature – Human Cleric   {1}{B} Uncommon Austin Hsu
Somberwald Dryad Creature – Dryad   {1}{G} Common Jaime Jones
Sorin, Lord of Innistrad Legendary Planeswalker – Sorin   {2}{W}{B} Mythic Rare Michael Komarck
Soul Seizer Creature – Spirit   {3}{U}{U} Uncommon Lucas Graciano
Spiteful Shadows Enchantment – Aura   {1}{B} Common John Stanko
Stormbound Geist Creature – Spirit   {1}{U}{U} Common Dan Scott
Strangleroot Geist Creature – Spirit   {G}{G} Uncommon Jason Chan
Stromkirk Captain Creature – Vampire Soldier   {1}{B}{R} Uncommon Jana Schirmer & Johannes Voss
Sudden Disappearance Sorcery –   {5}{W} Rare Cliff Childs
Séance Enchantment –   {2}{W}{W} Rare David Rapoza
Talons of Falkenrath Enchantment – Aura   {1}{R} Common Svetlin Velinov
Thalia, Guardian of Thraben Legendary Creature – Human Soldier   {1}{W} Rare Jana Schirmer & Johannes Voss
Thought Scour Instant –   {U} Common David Rapoza
Thraben Doomsayer Creature – Human Cleric   {1}{W}{W} Rare John Stanko
Thraben Heretic Creature – Human Wizard   {1}{W} Uncommon James Ryman
Torch Fiend Creature – Devil   {1}{R} Common Winona Nelson
Tovolar's Magehunter Creature – Werewolf   Rare Mike Sass
Tower Geist Creature – Spirit   {3}{U} Uncommon Izzy
Tracker's Instincts Sorcery –   {1}{G} Uncommon Jung Park
Tragic Slip Instant –   {B} Common Christopher Moeller
Ulvenwald Bear Creature – Bear   {2}{G} Common Jason A. Engle
Undying Evil Instant –   {B} Common Kev Walker
Unhallowed Cathar Creature – Zombie Soldier   Common Ryan Pancoast
Vault of the Archangel Land –   Rare John Avon
Vengeful Vampire Creature – Vampire   {4}{B}{B} Uncommon Lucas Graciano
Village Survivors Creature – Human   {4}{G} Uncommon David Rapoza
Vorapede Creature – Insect   {2}{G}{G}{G} Mythic Rare Slawomir Maniak
Wakedancer Creature – Human Shaman   {2}{B} Uncommon Austin Hsu
Warden of the Wall Artifact –   {3} Uncommon Daniel Ljunggren
Werewolf Ransacker Creature – Werewolf   Uncommon David Palumbo
Wild Hunger Instant –   {2}{G} Common Karl Kopinski
Withengar Unbound Legendary Creature – Demon   Mythic Rare Eric Deschamps
Wolfbitten Captive Creature – Human Werewolf   {G} Rare Zoltan Boros
Wolfhunter's Quiver Artifact – Equipment   {1} Uncommon Daniel Ljunggren
Wrack with Madness Sorcery –   {3}{R} Common Todd Lockwood
Young Wolf Creature – Wolf   {G} Common Ryan Pancoast
Zombie Apocalypse Sorcery –   {3}{B}{B}{B} Rare Peter Mohrbacher

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171 cards found.