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Name Type Mana Cost Rarity Artist
Call of the Conclave Sorcery –   {G}{W} Rare Anthony Palumbo
Dimir Charm Instant –   {U}{B} Rare Zoltan Boros
Experiment One Creature – Human Ooze   {G} Rare Jack Wang
Farseek Sorcery –   {1}{G} Rare Michael Komarck
Ghor-Clan Rampager Creature – Beast   {2}{R}{G} Rare Dave Kendall
Grisly Salvage Instant –   {B}{G} Rare Maciej Kuciara
Izzet Charm Instant –   {U}{R} Rare Zoltan Boros
Judge's Familiar Creature – Bird   {W/U} Rare Ryan Yee
Rakdos Cackler Creature – Devil   {B/R} Rare Dave Kendall
Reliquary Tower Land –   Rare Drew Baker
Searing Spear Instant –   {1}{R} Rare Christopher Moeller
Sin Collector Creature – Human Cleric   {1}{W}{B} Rare Izzy

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12 cards found.