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Name Type Mana Cost Rarity Artist
Academy Raider Creature – Human Warrior   {2}{R} Common Karl Kopinski
Accorder's Shield Artifact – Equipment   {0} Uncommon Alan Pollack
Accursed Spirit Creature – Spirit   {3}{B} Common Kev Walker
Act of Treason Sorcery –   {2}{R} Common Eric Deschamps
Advocate of the Beast Creature – Elf Shaman   {2}{G} Common Jesper Ejsing
Air Servant Creature – Elemental   {4}{U} Uncommon Lars Grant-West
Ajani's Chosen Creature – Cat Soldier   {2}{W}{W} Rare Wayne Reynolds
Ajani, Caller of the Pride Legendary Planeswalker – Ajani   {1}{W}{W} Mythic Rare D. Alexander Gregory
Altar's Reap Instant –   {1}{B} Common Donato Giancola
Angelic Accord Enchantment –   {3}{W} Uncommon Michael C. Hayes
Angelic Wall Creature – Wall   {1}{W} Common Allen Williams
Archaeomancer Creature – Human Wizard   {2}{U}{U} Common Zoltan Boros
Archangel of Thune Creature – Angel   {3}{W}{W} Mythic Rare James Ryman
Armored Cancrix Creature – Crab   {4}{U} Common Tomasz Jedruszek
Artificer's Hex Enchantment – Aura   {B} Uncommon Franz Vohwinkel
Auramancer Creature – Human Wizard   {2}{W} Common Rebecca Guay
Awaken the Ancient Enchantment – Aura   {1}{R}{R}{R} Rare Jaime Jones
Banisher Priest Creature – Human Cleric   {1}{W}{W} Uncommon Willian Murai
Barrage of Expendables Enchantment –   {R} Uncommon Trevor Claxton
Battle Sliver Creature – Sliver   {4}{R} Uncommon Slawomir Maniak
Blessing Enchantment – Aura   {W}{W} Uncommon Jason A. Engle
Blightcaster Creature – Human Wizard   {3}{B} Uncommon Winona Nelson
Blood Bairn Creature – Vampire   {2}{B} Common Ryan Yee
Blur Sliver Creature – Sliver   {2}{R} Common Daarken
Bogbrew Witch Creature – Human Wizard   {3}{B} Rare Eric Deschamps
Bonescythe Sliver Creature – Sliver   {3}{W} Rare Trevor Claxton
Bramblecrush Sorcery –   {2}{G}{G} Uncommon Drew Baker
Brave the Elements Instant –   {W} Uncommon Goran Josic
Briarpack Alpha Creature – Wolf   {3}{G} Uncommon Daarken
Brindle Boar Creature – Boar   {2}{G} Common Dave Allsop
Bubbling Cauldron Artifact –   {2} Uncommon Eric Deschamps
Burning Earth Enchantment –   {3}{R} Rare rk post
Cancel Instant –   {1}{U}{U} Common David Palumbo
Canyon Minotaur Creature – Minotaur Warrior   {3}{R} Common Steve Prescott
Capashen Knight Creature – Human Knight   {1}{W} Common Jasper Sandner
Celestial Flare Instant –   {W}{W} Common Clint Cearley
Chandra's Outrage Instant –   {2}{R}{R} Common Christopher Moeller
Chandra's Phoenix Creature – Phoenix   {1}{R}{R} Rare Aleksi Briclot
Chandra, Pyromaster Legendary Planeswalker – Chandra   {2}{R}{R} Mythic Rare Winona Nelson
Charging Griffin Creature – Griffin   {3}{W} Common Erica Yang
Child of Night Creature – Vampire   {1}{B} Common Ash Wood
Claustrophobia Enchantment – Aura   {1}{U}{U} Common Ryan Pancoast
Clone Creature – Shapeshifter   {3}{U} Rare Kev Walker
Colossal Whale Creature – Whale   {5}{U}{U} Rare Adam Paquette
Congregate Instant –   {3}{W} Uncommon Mark Zug
Coral Merfolk Creature – Merfolk   {1}{U} Common rk post
Corpse Hauler Creature – Human Rogue   {1}{B} Common Jesper Ejsing
Corrupt Sorcery –   {5}{B} Uncommon Dave Allsop
Cyclops Tyrant Creature – Cyclops   {5}{R} Common Zack Stella
Dark Favor Enchantment – Aura   {1}{B} Common Allen Williams
Dark Prophecy Enchantment –   {B}{B}{B} Rare Scott Chou
Darksteel Forge Artifact –   {9} Mythic Rare Martina Pilcerova
Darksteel Ingot Artifact –   {3} Uncommon Martina Pilcerova
Dawnstrike Paladin Creature – Human Knight   {3}{W}{W} Common Tyler Jacobson
Deadly Recluse Creature – Spider   {1}{G} Common Warren Mahy
Deathgaze Cockatrice Creature – Cockatrice   {2}{B}{B} Common Kev Walker
Demolish Sorcery –   {3}{R} Common John Avon
Devout Invocation Sorcery –   {6}{W} Mythic Rare David Palumbo
Diabolic Tutor Sorcery –   {2}{B}{B} Uncommon Greg Staples
Dismiss into Dream Enchantment –   {6}{U} Rare Sam Wolfe Connelly
Disperse Instant –   {1}{U} Common Steve Ellis
Divination Sorcery –   {2}{U} Common Howard Lyon
Divine Favor Enchantment – Aura   {1}{W} Common Allen Williams
Domestication Enchantment – Aura   {2}{U}{U} Rare Jesper Ejsing
Doom Blade Instant –   {1}{B} Uncommon Chippy
Door of Destinies Artifact –   {4} Rare Larry MacDougall
Dragon Egg Creature – Dragon Egg   {2}{R} Uncommon Jack Wang
Dragon Hatchling Creature – Dragon   {1}{R} Common David Palumbo
Duress Sorcery –   {B} Common Steven Belledin
Elite Arcanist Creature – Human Wizard   {3}{U} Rare James Zapata
Elixir of Immortality Artifact –   {1} Uncommon Zoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai
Elvish Mystic Creature – Elf Druid   {G} Common Wesley Burt
Encroaching Wastes Land –   Uncommon Noah Bradley
Enlarge Sorcery –   {3}{G}{G} Uncommon Michael Komarck
Essence Scatter Instant –   {1}{U} Common Jon Foster
Festering Newt Creature – Salamander   {B} Common Eric Deschamps
Fiendslayer Paladin Creature – Human Knight   {1}{W}{W} Rare Wesley Burt
Fireshrieker Artifact – Equipment   {3} Uncommon Christopher Moeller
Flames of the Firebrand Sorcery –   {2}{R} Uncommon Steve Argyle
Fleshpulper Giant Creature – Giant   {5}{R}{R} Uncommon Alex Horley-Orlandelli
Fog Instant –   {G} Common Jaime Jones
Forest Basic Land – Forest   Common Volkan Baǵa
Fortify Instant –   {2}{W} Common Christopher Moeller
Frost Breath Instant –   {2}{U} Common Mike Bierek
Galerider Sliver Creature – Sliver   {U} Rare James Zapata
Garruk's Horde Creature – Beast   {5}{G}{G} Rare Steve Prescott
Garruk, Caller of Beasts Legendary Planeswalker – Garruk   {4}{G}{G} Mythic Rare Karl Kopinski
Giant Growth Instant –   {G} Common Matt Cavotta
Giant Spider Creature – Spider   {3}{G} Common Randy Gallegos
Gladecover Scout Creature – Elf Scout   {G} Common Allen Williams
Glimpse the Future Sorcery –   {2}{U} Uncommon Andrew Robinson
Gnawing Zombie Creature – Zombie   {1}{B} Uncommon Greg Staples
Goblin Diplomats Creature – Goblin   {1}{R} Rare Izzy
Goblin Shortcutter Creature – Goblin Scout   {1}{R} Common Jesper Ejsing
Griffin Sentinel Creature – Griffin   {2}{W} Common Warren Mahy
Grim Return Instant –   {2}{B} Rare Seb McKinnon
Groundshaker Sliver Creature – Sliver   {6}{G} Common Chase Stone
Guardian of the Ages Artifact Creature – Golem   {7} Rare Ryan Pancoast
Haunted Plate Mail Artifact – Equipment   {4} Rare Izzy
Hive Stirrings Sorcery –   {2}{W} Common Maciej Kuciara
Howl of the Night Pack Sorcery –   {6}{G} Uncommon Lars Grant-West
Hunt the Weak Sorcery –   {3}{G} Common Raoul Vitale
Illusionary Armor Enchantment – Aura   {4}{U} Uncommon Mathias Kollros
Imposing Sovereign Creature – Human Noble   {1}{W} Rare Scott M. Fischer
Indestructibility Enchantment – Aura   {3}{W} Rare Darrell Riche
Into the Wilds Enchantment –   {3}{G} Rare Véronique Meignaud
Island Basic Land – Island   Common Noah Bradley
Jace's Mindseeker Creature – Fish Illusion   {4}{U}{U} Rare Greg Staples
Jace, Memory Adept Legendary Planeswalker – Jace   {3}{U}{U} Mythic Rare D. Alexander Gregory
Kalonian Hydra Creature – Hydra   {3}{G}{G} Mythic Rare Chris Rahn
Kalonian Tusker Creature – Beast   {G}{G} Uncommon Svetlin Velinov
Lava Axe Sorcery –   {4}{R} Common Brian Snõddy
Lay of the Land Sorcery –   {G} Common Chuck Lukacs
Lifebane Zombie Creature – Zombie Warrior   {1}{B}{B} Rare Min Yum
Lightning Talons Enchantment – Aura   {2}{R} Common Johann Bodin
Liliana of the Dark Realms Legendary Planeswalker – Liliana   {2}{B}{B} Mythic Rare D. Alexander Gregory
Liliana's Reaver Creature – Zombie   {2}{B}{B} Rare Karl Kopinski
Liturgy of Blood Sorcery –   {3}{B}{B} Common Zack Stella
Manaweft Sliver Creature – Sliver   {1}{G} Uncommon Trevor Claxton
Marauding Maulhorn Creature – Beast   {2}{R}{R} Common Jesper Ejsing
Mark of the Vampire Enchantment – Aura   {3}{B} Common Winona Nelson
Master of Diversion Creature – Human Scout   {2}{W} Common Michael Komarck
Megantic Sliver Creature – Sliver   {5}{G} Rare Ryan Barger
Merfolk Spy Creature – Merfolk Rogue   {U} Common Matt Cavotta & Richard Whitters
Messenger Drake Creature – Drake   {3}{U}{U} Common Yeong-Hao Han
Millstone Artifact –   {2} Uncommon Yeong-Hao Han
Mind Rot Sorcery –   {2}{B} Common Steve Luke
Mindsparker Creature – Elemental   {1}{R}{R} Rare Wayne Reynolds
Minotaur Abomination Creature – Zombie Minotaur   {4}{B}{B} Common Karl Kopinski
Molten Birth Sorcery –   {1}{R}{R} Uncommon Jaime Jones
Mountain Basic Land – Mountain   Common Cliff Childs
Mutavault Land –   Rare Fred Fields
Naturalize Instant –   {1}{G} Common Tim Hildebrandt
Negate Instant –   {1}{U} Common Jeremy Jarvis
Nephalia Seakite Creature – Bird   {3}{U} Common Wayne England
Nightmare Creature – Nightmare Horse   {5}{B} Rare Vance Kovacs
Nightwing Shade Creature – Shade   {4}{B} Common Lucas Graciano
Oath of the Ancient Wood Enchantment –   {2}{G} Rare Dan Scott
Ogre Battledriver Creature – Ogre Warrior   {2}{R}{R} Rare Greg Staples
Opportunity Instant –   {4}{U}{U} Uncommon Allen Williams
Pacifism Enchantment – Aura   {1}{W} Common Robert Bliss
Path of Bravery Enchantment –   {2}{W} Rare Chris Rahn
Pay No Heed Instant –   {W} Common Adam Rex
Phantom Warrior Creature – Illusion Warrior   {1}{U}{U} Uncommon Greg Staples
Pillarfield Ox Creature – Ox   {3}{W} Common Andrew Robinson
Pitchburn Devils Creature – Devil   {4}{R} Common Johann Bodin
Plains Basic Land – Plains   Common John Avon
Planar Cleansing Sorcery –   {3}{W}{W}{W} Rare Michael Komarck
Plummet Instant –   {1}{G} Common Pete Venters
Predatory Sliver Creature – Sliver   {1}{G} Common Mathias Kollros
Primeval Bounty Enchantment –   {5}{G} Mythic Rare Christine Choi
Pyromancer's Gauntlet Artifact –   {5} Rare Christine Choi
Quag Sickness Enchantment – Aura   {2}{B} Common Martina Pilcerova
Quicken Instant –   {U} Rare Aleksi Briclot
Ranger's Guile Instant –   {G} Common Steve Prescott
Ratchet Bomb Artifact –   {2} Rare Austin Hsu
Regathan Firecat Creature – Elemental Cat   {2}{R} Common Eric Velhagen
Ring of Three Wishes Artifact –   {5} Mythic Rare Mark Winters
Rise of the Dark Realms Sorcery –   {7}{B}{B} Mythic Rare Michael Komarck
Rod of Ruin Artifact –   {4} Uncommon Mark Zug
Rootwalla Creature – Lizard   {2}{G} Common Roger Raupp
Rumbling Baloth Creature – Beast   {2}{G}{G} Common Jesper Ejsing
Sanguine Bond Enchantment –   {3}{B}{B} Rare Jaime Jones
Savage Summoning Instant –   {G} Rare Johann Bodin
Scavenging Ooze Creature – Ooze   {1}{G} Rare Austin Hsu
Scourge of Valkas Creature – Dragon   {2}{R}{R}{R} Mythic Rare Lucas Graciano
Scroll Thief Creature – Merfolk Rogue   {2}{U} Common Alex Horley-Orlandelli
Seacoast Drake Creature – Drake   {1}{U} Common Scott Chou
Seismic Stomp Sorcery –   {1}{R} Common Chase Stone
Sengir Vampire Creature – Vampire   {3}{B}{B} Uncommon Kev Walker
Sensory Deprivation Enchantment – Aura   {U} Common Steven Belledin
Sentinel Sliver Creature – Sliver   {1}{W} Common Maciej Kuciara
Seraph of the Sword Creature – Angel   {3}{W} Rare Jaime Jones
Serra Angel Creature – Angel   {3}{W}{W} Uncommon Greg Staples
Shadowborn Apostle Creature – Human Cleric   {B} Common Lucas Graciano
Shadowborn Demon Creature – Demon   {3}{B}{B} Mythic Rare Lucas Graciano
Shimmering Grotto Land –   Uncommon Cliff Childs
Shiv's Embrace Enchantment – Aura   {2}{R}{R} Uncommon Dave Kendall
Shivan Dragon Creature – Dragon   {4}{R}{R} Rare Donato Giancola
Shock Instant –   {R} Common Jon Foster
Show of Valor Instant –   {1}{W} Common Anthony Palumbo
Shrivel Sorcery –   {1}{B} Common Jung Park
Siege Mastodon Creature – Elephant   {4}{W} Common Matt Cavotta
Silence Instant –   {W} Rare Wayne Reynolds
Sliver Construct Artifact Creature – Sliver Construct   {3} Common Mathias Kollros
Smelt Instant –   {R} Common Zoltan Boros
Solemn Offering Sorcery –   {2}{W} Common Sam Wood
Soulmender Creature – Human Cleric   {W} Common James Ryman
Spell Blast Instant –   {X}{U} Uncommon Jaime Jones
Sporemound Creature – Fungus   {3}{G}{G} Common Svetlin Velinov
Staff of the Death Magus Artifact –   {3} Uncommon Daniel Ljunggren
Staff of the Flame Magus Artifact –   {3} Uncommon Daniel Ljunggren
Staff of the Mind Magus Artifact –   {3} Uncommon Daniel Ljunggren
Staff of the Sun Magus Artifact –   {3} Uncommon Daniel Ljunggren
Staff of the Wild Magus Artifact –   {3} Uncommon Daniel Ljunggren
Steelform Sliver Creature – Sliver   {2}{W} Uncommon Chase Stone
Stonehorn Chanter Creature – Rhino Cleric   {5}{W} Uncommon Raymond Swanland
Striking Sliver Creature – Sliver   {R} Common Maciej Kuciara
Strionic Resonator Artifact –   {2} Rare Noah Bradley
Suntail Hawk Creature – Bird   {W} Common Heather Hudson
Swamp Basic Land – Swamp   Common Cliff Childs
Syphon Sliver Creature – Sliver   {2}{B} Rare Tyler Jacobson
Tenacious Dead Creature – Skeleton Warrior   {B} Uncommon John Stanko
Thorncaster Sliver Creature – Sliver   {4}{R} Rare Trevor Claxton
Thunder Strike Instant –   {1}{R} Common Wayne Reynolds
Tidebinder Mage Creature – Merfolk Wizard   {U}{U} Rare John Severin Brassell
Time Ebb Sorcery –   {2}{U} Common Alan Rabinowitz
Tome Scour Sorcery –   {U} Common Steven Belledin
Trading Post Artifact –   {4} Rare Adam Paquette
Trained Condor Creature – Bird   {2}{U} Common Alex Horley-Orlandelli
Traumatize Sorcery –   {3}{U}{U} Rare Greg Staples
Trollhide Enchantment – Aura   {2}{G} Common Steven Belledin
Undead Minotaur Creature – Zombie Minotaur   {2}{B} Common Karl Kopinski
Vampire Warlord Creature – Vampire Warrior   {4}{B} Uncommon Wesley Burt
Vastwood Hydra Creature – Hydra   {X}{G}{G} Rare Slawomir Maniak
Verdant Haven Enchantment – Aura   {2}{G} Common Daniel Ljunggren
Vial of Poison Artifact –   {1} Uncommon Franz Vohwinkel
Vile Rebirth Instant –   {B} Common Erica Yang
Volcanic Geyser Instant –   {X}{R}{R} Uncommon Clint Cearley
Voracious Wurm Creature – Wurm   {1}{G} Uncommon Igor Kieryluk
Wall of Frost Creature – Wall   {1}{U}{U} Uncommon Mike Bierek
Wall of Swords Creature – Wall   {3}{W} Uncommon Zoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai
Warden of Evos Isle Creature – Bird Wizard   {2}{U} Uncommon Nils Hamm
Water Servant Creature – Elemental   {2}{U}{U} Uncommon Igor Kieryluk
Wild Guess Sorcery –   {R}{R} Common Lucas Graciano
Wild Ricochet Instant –   {2}{R}{R} Rare Dan Scott
Windreader Sphinx Creature – Sphinx   {5}{U}{U} Mythic Rare Min Yum
Windstorm Instant –   {X}{G} Uncommon Rob Alexander
Witchstalker Creature – Wolf   {1}{G}{G} Rare Christopher Moeller
Woodborn Behemoth Creature – Elemental   {3}{G}{G} Uncommon Matt Stewart
Wring Flesh Instant –   {B} Common Izzy
Xathrid Necromancer Creature – Human Wizard   {2}{B} Rare Maciej Kuciara
Young Pyromancer Creature – Human Shaman   {1}{R} Uncommon Cynthia Sheppard
Zephyr Charge Enchantment –   {1}{U} Common Steve Prescott

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234 cards found.