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Name Type Mana Cost Rarity Artist
Arc Lightning Sorcery –   {2}{R} Special Andrew Goldhawk
Ashnod's Coupon Artifact –   {0} Special Edward P. Beard, Jr.
Bonesplitter Artifact – Equipment   {1} Special Darrell Riche
Booster Tutor Instant –   {B} Special Heather Hudson
Castigate Sorcery –   {W}{B} Special Darrell Riche
Chill Enchantment –   {1}{U} Special Greg Simanson
Circle of Protection: Art Enchantment –   {1}{W} Special Mark “It’s teh-DEEN” Tedin
Coiling Oracle Creature – Snake Elf Druid   {G}{U} Special Mark Zug
Creeping Mold Sorcery –   {2}{G}{G} Special Dave Seeley
Darksteel Ingot Artifact –   {3} Special Martina Pilcerova
Dauthi Slayer Creature – Dauthi Soldier   {B}{B} Special Dermot Power
Diabolic Edict Instant –   {1}{B} Special Ron Spencer
Disenchant Instant –   {1}{W} Special Kevin McCann
Dismiss Instant –   {2}{U}{U} Special Donato Giancola
Duress Sorcery –   {B} Special Lawrence Snelly
Elvish Aberration Creature – Elf Mutant   {5}{G} Special Matt Cavotta
Empyrial Armor Enchantment – Aura   {1}{W}{W} Special D. Alexander Gregory
Enlightened Tutor Instant –   {W} Special Dan Frazier
Fireball Sorcery –   {X}{R} Special Jock
Fling Instant –   {1}{R} Special Paolo Parente
Forest Basic Land – Forest   Basic Land Tony Roberts
Gaea's Blessing Sorcery –   {1}{G} Special Rebecca Guay
Genju of the Spires Enchantment – Aura   {R} Special Joel Thomas
Glacial Ray Instant – Arcane   {1}{R} Special Jim Murray
Goblin Mime Creature – Goblin Mime   {1}{R} Special Dan Frazier
Granny's Payback Sorcery –   {7}{G} Special Kaja Foglio
Island Basic Land – Island   Basic Land Tony Roberts
Karn, Silver Golem Legendary Artifact Creature – Golem   {5} Special Mark Zug
Man-o'-War Creature – Jellyfish   {2}{U} Special Jon J Muth
Mana Leak Instant –   {1}{U} Special Christopher Rush
Mise Instant –   {U} Special Mark Zug
Mountain Basic Land – Mountain   Basic Land Tony Roberts
Okina Nightwatch Creature – Human Monk   {4}{G} Special Heather Hudson
Pillage Sorcery –   {1}{R}{R} Special Richard Kane Ferguson
Plains Basic Land – Plains   Basic Land Tony Roberts
Pouncing Jaguar Creature – Cat   {G} Special Daren Bader
Rewind Instant –   {2}{U}{U} Special Dermot Power
Serum Visions Sorcery –   {U} Special Ben Thompson
Skirk Marauder Creature – Goblin   {1}{R} Special Pete Venters
Skittering Skirge Creature – Imp   {B}{B} Special Ron Spencer
Skyknight Legionnaire Creature – Human Knight   {1}{R}{W} Special Jim Murray
Stupor Sorcery –   {2}{B} Special Mike Kimble
Surging Flame Instant –   {1}{R} Special Ron Spencer
Swamp Basic Land – Swamp   Basic Land Tony Roberts
Uktabi Orangutan Creature – Ape   {2}{G} Special Una Fricker
Wee Dragonauts Creature – Faerie Wizard   {1}{U}{R} Special Greg Staples

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46 cards found.