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Name Type Mana Cost Rarity Artist
Abu Ja'far Creature – Human   {W} Uncommon Ken Meyer, Jr.
Aladdin Creature – Human Rogue   {2}{R}{R} Uncommon Julie Baroh
Ali Baba Creature – Human Rogue   {R} Uncommon Julie Baroh
Amulet of Kroog Artifact –   {2} Common Margaret Organ-Kean
Argothian Pixies Creature – Faerie   {1}{G} Common Amy Weber
Ashnod's Altar Artifact –   {3} Uncommon Anson Maddocks
Ashnod's Battle Gear Artifact –   {2} Uncommon Mark Poole
Ashnod's Transmogrant Artifact –   {1} Uncommon Mark Tedin
Battering Ram Artifact Creature – Construct   {2} Common Jeff A. Menges
Bird Maiden Creature – Human Bird   {2}{R} Common Kaja Foglio
Bronze Tablet Artifact –   {6} Uncommon Tom Wänerstrand
Circle of Protection: Artifacts Enchantment –   {1}{W} Uncommon Pete Venters
City of Brass Land –   Uncommon Ron Walotsky
Clay Statue Artifact Creature – Golem   {4} Common Jesper Myrfors
Clockwork Avian Artifact Creature – Bird   {5} Uncommon Randy Asplund-Faith
Colossus of Sardia Artifact Creature – Golem   {9} Uncommon Jesper Myrfors
Coral Helm Artifact –   {3} Uncommon Amy Weber
Cuombajj Witches Creature – Human Wizard   {B}{B} Common Kaja Foglio
Cursed Rack Artifact –   {4} Common Richard Thomas
Cyclone Enchantment –   {2}{G}{G} Uncommon Mark Tedin
Dandân Creature – Fish   {U}{U} Common Drew Tucker
Detonate Sorcery –   {X}{R} Uncommon Randy Asplund-Faith
Erhnam Djinn Creature – Djinn   {3}{G} Uncommon Ken Meyer, Jr.
Feldon's Cane Artifact –   {1} Common Mark Tedin
Fishliver Oil Enchantment – Aura   {1}{U} Common Anson Maddocks
Ghazbán Ogre Creature – Ogre   {G} Common Jesper Myrfors
Giant Tortoise Creature – Turtle   {1}{U} Common Kaja Foglio
Goblin Artisans Creature – Goblin Artificer   {R} Uncommon Julie Baroh
Grapeshot Catapult Artifact Creature – Construct   {4} Common Dan Frazier
Hasran Ogress Creature – Ogre   {B}{B} Common Dan Frazier
Hurr Jackal Creature – Jackal   {R} Common Drew Tucker
Ironclaw Orcs Creature – Orc   {1}{R} Common Anson Maddocks
Jalum Tome Artifact –   {3} Uncommon Tom Wänerstrand
Jeweled Bird Artifact –   {1} Uncommon Amy Weber
Junún Efreet Creature – Efreet   {1}{B}{B} Uncommon Christopher Rush
Metamorphosis Sorcery –   {G} Common Christopher Rush
Mishra's Factory Land –   Uncommon Kaja Foglio & Phil Foglio
Nafs Asp Creature – Snake   {G} Common Christopher Rush
Oasis Land –   Uncommon Brian Snõddy
Obelisk of Undoing Artifact –   {1} Uncommon Tom Wänerstrand
Rakalite Artifact –   {6} Uncommon Christopher Rush
Repentant Blacksmith Creature – Human   {1}{W} Uncommon Drew Tucker
Sandstorm Instant –   {G} Common Brian Snõddy
Shapeshifter Artifact Creature – Shapeshifter   {6} Uncommon Dan Frazier
Sindbad Creature – Human   {1}{U} Uncommon Julie Baroh
Strip Mine Land –   Uncommon Daniel Gelon
Tawnos's Wand Artifact –   {4} Uncommon Douglas Shuler
Tawnos's Weaponry Artifact –   {2} Uncommon Dan Frazier
Tetravus Artifact Creature – Construct   {6} Uncommon Mark Tedin
Triskelion Artifact Creature – Construct   {6} Uncommon Douglas Shuler
Twiddle Instant –   {U} Common Rob Alexander
Urza's Avenger Artifact Creature – Shapeshifter   {6} Uncommon Amy Weber
Urza's Mine Land – Urza’s Mine   Common Anson Maddocks
Urza's Power Plant Land – Urza’s Power-Plant   Common Mark Tedin
Urza's Tower Land – Urza’s Tower   Common Mark Poole
Wall of Spears Artifact Creature – Wall   {3} Uncommon Sandra Everingham
War Elephant Creature – Elephant   {3}{W} Common Kristen Bishop
Xenic Poltergeist Creature – Spirit   {1}{B}{B} Uncommon Dan Frazier
Yawgmoth Demon Creature – Demon   {4}{B}{B} Uncommon Sandra Everingham
Yotian Soldier Artifact Creature – Soldier   {3} Common Christopher Rush

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60 cards found.