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Name Type Mana Cost Rarity Artist
Acidic Sliver Creature – Sliver   {B}{R} Uncommon Jeff Miracola
Aftershock Sorcery –   {2}{R}{R} Common Hannibal King
Aluren Enchantment –   {2}{G}{G} Rare April Lee
Anarchist Creature – Human Wizard   {4}{R} Common Brom
Angelic Blessing Sorcery –   {2}{W} Common Mark Zug
Angelic Protector Creature – Angel   {3}{W} Uncommon DiTerlizzi
Anoint Instant –   {W} Common Eric David Anderson
Armor Sliver Creature – Sliver   {2}{W} Common Scott Kirschner
Armored Pegasus Creature – Pegasus   {1}{W} Common Una Fricker
Avenging Angel Creature – Angel   {3}{W}{W} Uncommon Matthew D. Wilson
Bandage Instant –   {W} Common Rebecca Guay
Barbed Sliver Creature – Sliver   {2}{R} Common Scott Kirschner
Bottle Gnomes Artifact Creature – Gnome   {3} Common Kaja Foglio
Caldera Lake Land –   Uncommon Allen Williams
Cannibalize Sorcery –   {1}{B} Uncommon Robert Bliss
Canopy Spider Creature – Spider   {1}{G} Common Christopher Rush
Canyon Wildcat Creature – Cat   {1}{R} Common Gary Leach
Capsize Instant –   {1}{U}{U} Uncommon Tom Wänerstrand
Carnassid Creature – Beast   {4}{G}{G} Uncommon Brom
Carnophage Creature – Zombie   {B} Common Pete Venters
Cataclysm Sorcery –   {2}{W}{W} Mythic Rare Jim Nelson
Charging Paladin Creature – Human Knight   {2}{W} Common Ciruelo
Cinder Marsh Land –   Uncommon John Matson
City of Traitors Land –   Rare Kev Walker
Clot Sliver Creature – Sliver   {1}{B} Common Jeff Laubenstein
Coat of Arms Artifact –   {5} Rare Scott M. Fischer
Coercion Sorcery –   {2}{B} Common Pete Venters
Coffin Queen Creature – Zombie Wizard   {2}{B} Rare Kaja Foglio
Coiled Tinviper Artifact Creature – Snake   {3} Common John Matson
Commander Greven il-Vec Legendary Creature – Human Warrior   {3}{B}{B}{B} Rare Kev Walker
Conviction Enchantment – Aura   {1}{W} Common Paolo Parente
Corpse Dance Instant –   {2}{B} Rare Brian Snõddy
Counterspell Instant –   {U}{U} Uncommon Stephen Daniele
Crashing Boars Creature – Boar   {3}{G}{G} Uncommon Ron Spencer
Craven Giant Creature – Giant   {2}{R} Common Brian Snõddy
Crovax the Cursed Legendary Creature – Vampire Noble   {2}{B}{B} Rare Pete Venters
Crystalline Sliver Creature – Sliver   {W}{U} Uncommon Allen Williams
Curiosity Enchantment – Aura   {U} Uncommon Val Mayerik
Cursed Flesh Enchantment – Aura   {B} Common Ron Spencer
Cursed Scroll Artifact –   {1} Mythic Rare D. Alexander Gregory
Dark Banishing Instant –   {2}{B} Common John Matson
Dark Ritual Instant –   {B} Common Ken Meyer, Jr.
Dauthi Horror Creature – Dauthi Horror   {1}{B} Common Jeff Laubenstein
Dauthi Jackal Creature – Dauthi Jackal   {2}{B} Common Adam Rex
Dauthi Marauder Creature – Dauthi Minion   {2}{B} Uncommon Andrew Robinson
Dauthi Slayer Creature – Dauthi Soldier   {B}{B} Uncommon Dermot Power
Dauthi Warlord Creature – Dauthi Soldier   {1}{B} Uncommon Kev Walker
Deadshot Sorcery –   {3}{R} Uncommon Heather Hudson
Death Pits of Rath Enchantment –   {3}{B}{B} Rare Joel Biske
Death Stroke Sorcery –   {B}{B} Common Colin MacNeil
Death's Duet Sorcery –   {2}{B} Common Keith Parkinson
Diabolic Edict Instant –   {1}{B} Common Ron Spencer
Disenchant Instant –   {1}{W} Common Allen Williams
Dismiss Instant –   {2}{U}{U} Uncommon Donato Giancola
Dracoplasm Creature – Shapeshifter   {U}{R} Rare Andrew Robinson
Dream Halls Enchantment –   {3}{U}{U} Mythic Rare Matthew D. Wilson
Dream Prowler Creature – Illusion   {2}{U}{U} Uncommon Richard Kane Ferguson
Dungeon Shade Creature – Shade Spirit   {3}{B} Common Jason Alexander Behnke
Elven Rite Sorcery –   {1}{G} Common Jeff Miracola
Elvish Fury Instant –   {G} Common Quinton Hoover
Emmessi Tome Artifact –   {4} Uncommon Tom Wänerstrand
Endangered Armodon Creature – Elephant   {2}{G}{G} Common Kev Walker
Ephemeron Creature – Illusion   {4}{U}{U} Rare Keith Parkinson
Erratic Portal Artifact –   {4} Rare John Matson
Evincar's Justice Sorcery –   {2}{B}{B} Uncommon Hannibal King
Exalted Dragon Creature – Dragon   {4}{W}{W} Rare Matthew D. Wilson
Fanning the Flames Sorcery –   {X}{R}{R} Rare Ron Spencer
Field of Souls Enchantment –   {2}{W}{W} Rare Richard Kane Ferguson
Fighting Drake Creature – Drake   {2}{U}{U} Uncommon DiTerlizzi
Flame Wave Sorcery –   {3}{R}{R}{R}{R} Rare Donato Giancola
Flowstone Blade Enchantment – Aura   {R} Common Allen Williams
Flowstone Mauler Creature – Beast   {4}{R}{R} Uncommon Paolo Parente
Flowstone Wyvern Creature – Drake   {3}{R}{R} Uncommon Stephen Daniele
Forbid Instant –   {1}{U}{U} Rare Scott Kirschner
Forest Basic Land – Forest   Common Douglas Shuler
Fugue Sorcery –   {3}{B}{B} Uncommon Randy Gallegos
Furnace Brood Creature – Elemental   {3}{R} Common Jeff Miracola
Gallantry Instant –   {1}{W} Uncommon Douglas Shuler
Gaseous Form Enchantment – Aura   {2}{U} Common Roger Raupp
Gerrard's Battle Cry Enchantment –   {W} Rare Val Mayerik
Goblin Bombardment Enchantment –   {1}{R} Uncommon Brian Snõddy
Gravedigger Creature – Zombie   {3}{B} Common Dermot Power
Grindstone Artifact –   {1} Mythic Rare Greg Simanson
Hammerhead Shark Creature – Shark   {1}{U} Common Stephen Daniele
Harrow Instant –   {2}{G} Common Eric David Anderson
Heartwood Dryad Creature – Dryad   {1}{G} Common Rebecca Guay
Heartwood Giant Creature – Giant   {3}{G}{G} Rare Randy Elliott
Hermit Druid Creature – Human Druid   {1}{G} Uncommon Heather Hudson
Hibernation Sliver Creature – Sliver   {U}{B} Uncommon Scott Kirschner
Horned Sliver Creature – Sliver   {2}{G} Common Allen Williams
Horned Turtle Creature – Turtle   {2}{U} Common DiTerlizzi
Humility Enchantment –   {2}{W}{W} Mythic Rare Phil Foglio
Intuition Instant –   {2}{U} Rare April Lee
Island Basic Land – Island   Common Randy Gallegos
Jinxed Idol Artifact –   {2} Rare John Matson
Kezzerdrix Creature – Rabbit Beast   {2}{B}{B} Rare Matthew D. Wilson
Killer Whale Creature – Whale   {3}{U}{U} Uncommon Stephen Daniele
Kindle Instant –   {1}{R} Common Donato Giancola
Kor Chant Instant –   {2}{W} Uncommon John Matson
Krakilin Creature – Beast   {X}{G}{G} Rare Richard Kane Ferguson
Lab Rats Sorcery –   {B} Common DiTerlizzi
Legacy's Allure Enchantment –   {U}{U} Rare Daren Bader
Legerdemain Sorcery –   {2}{U}{U} Uncommon Daren Bader
Lightning Blast Instant –   {3}{R} Common Richard Thomas
Living Death Sorcery –   {3}{B}{B} Mythic Rare Charles Gillespie
Lotus Petal Artifact –   {0} Uncommon April Lee
Lowland Basilisk Creature – Basilisk   {2}{G} Uncommon Randy Gallegos
Lowland Giant Creature – Giant   {2}{R}{R} Common Paolo Parente
Mage il-Vec Creature – Human Wizard   {2}{R} Uncommon John Matson
Magmasaur Creature – Elemental Dinosaur   {3}{R}{R} Rare Daniel Gelon
Mana Leak Instant –   {1}{U} Common Christopher Rush
Manabond Enchantment –   {G} Rare Stephen Daniele
Maniacal Rage Enchantment – Aura   {1}{R} Common Pete Venters
Master Decoy Creature – Human Soldier   {1}{W} Common Phil Foglio
Mawcor Creature – Beast   {3}{U}{U} Rare John Matson
Maze of Shadows Land –   Uncommon D. Alexander Gregory
Meditate Instant –   {2}{U} Rare Susan Van Camp
Merfolk Looter Creature – Merfolk Rogue   {1}{U} Common Ron Spencer
Metallic Sliver Artifact Creature – Sliver   {1} Common Allen Williams
Mindless Automaton Artifact Creature – Construct   {4} Rare Brian Snõddy
Mirri, Cat Warrior Legendary Creature – Cat Warrior   {1}{G}{G} Rare Daren Bader
Mnemonic Sliver Creature – Sliver   {2}{U} Common Randy Gallegos
Mogg Conscripts Creature – Goblin   {R} Common Pete Venters
Mogg Fanatic Creature – Goblin   {R} Common Brom
Mogg Flunkies Creature – Goblin   {1}{R} Common Brom
Mogg Hollows Land –   Uncommon Jeff Laubenstein
Mogg Infestation Sorcery –   {3}{R}{R} Rare Pete Venters
Mogg Maniac Creature – Goblin   {1}{R} Uncommon Brian Snõddy
Mountain Basic Land – Mountain   Common Mark Poole
Mounted Archers Creature – Human Soldier Archer   {3}{W} Common Kev Walker
Mox Diamond Artifact –   {0} Mythic Rare Dan Frazier
Mulch Sorcery –   {1}{G} Common Rebecca Guay
Muscle Sliver Creature – Sliver   {1}{G} Common Richard Kane Ferguson
Necrologia Instant –   {3}{B}{B} Rare Brom
Needle Storm Sorcery –   {2}{G} Uncommon Val Mayerik
Nomads en-Kor Creature – Kor Nomad Soldier   {W} Common Val Mayerik
Oath of Druids Enchantment –   {1}{G} Mythic Rare Daren Bader
Ogre Shaman Creature – Ogre Shaman   {3}{R}{R} Rare Paolo Parente
Orim, Samite Healer Legendary Creature – Human Cleric   {1}{W}{W} Rare Kaja Foglio
Overrun Sorcery –   {2}{G}{G}{G} Uncommon Jeff Miracola
Pacifism Enchantment – Aura   {1}{W} Uncommon Adam Rex
Paladin en-Vec Creature – Human Knight   {1}{W}{W} Rare Randy Elliott
Pandemonium Enchantment –   {3}{R} Rare Pete Venters
Patchwork Gnomes Artifact Creature – Gnome   {3} Common Mike Raabe
Pegasus Stampede Sorcery –   {1}{W} Uncommon Mark Zug
Phyrexian Hulk Artifact Creature – Golem   {6} Uncommon Matthew D. Wilson
Pine Barrens Land –   Uncommon Rebecca Guay
Plains Basic Land – Plains   Common Terese Nielsen
Provoke Instant –   {1}{G} Common Terese Nielsen
Rampant Growth Sorcery –   {1}{G} Common Tom Kyffin
Rathi Dragon Creature – Dragon   {2}{R}{R} Rare Christopher Rush
Rats of Rath Creature – Rat   {1}{B} Common John Matson
Reality Anchor Instant –   {1}{G} Common Randy Gallegos
Reanimate Sorcery –   {B} Uncommon Robert Bliss
Recurring Nightmare Enchantment –   {2}{B} Mythic Rare Jeff Laubenstein
Recycle Enchantment –   {4}{G}{G} Rare Phil Foglio
Renegade Warlord Creature – Human Soldier   {4}{R} Uncommon Ron Spencer
Repentance Sorcery –   {2}{W} Uncommon Ron Spencer
Revenant Creature – Spirit   {4}{B} Uncommon Terese Nielsen
Rolling Thunder Sorcery –   {X}{R}{R} Uncommon Richard Thomas
Rootbreaker Wurm Creature – Wurm   {5}{G}{G} Uncommon Richard Kane Ferguson
Rootwalla Creature – Lizard   {2}{G} Common Roger Raupp
Rootwater Depths Land –   Uncommon Roger Raupp
Rootwater Hunter Creature – Merfolk   {2}{U} Uncommon Brom
Sabertooth Wyvern Creature – Drake   {4}{R} Uncommon Keith Parkinson
Salt Flats Land –   Uncommon Scott Kirschner
Sandstone Warrior Creature – Human Soldier Warrior   {2}{R}{R} Common Stephen Daniele
Sarcomancy Enchantment –   {B} Uncommon Daren Bader
Scabland Land –   Uncommon Andrew Robinson
Screeching Harpy Creature – Harpy Beast   {2}{B}{B} Uncommon Una Fricker
Scrivener Creature – Human Wizard   {4}{U} Common Heather Hudson
Sea Monster Creature – Serpent   {4}{U}{U} Common Daniel Gelon
Searing Touch Instant –   {R} Uncommon D. Alexander Gregory
Seething Anger Sorcery –   {R} Common Val Mayerik
Selenia, Dark Angel Legendary Creature – Angel   {3}{W}{B} Rare Matthew D. Wilson
Serpent Warrior Creature – Snake Warrior   {2}{B} Common Ron Spencer
Shackles Enchantment – Aura   {2}{W} Common Heather Hudson
Shadow Rift Instant –   {U} Common Adam Rex
Shadowstorm Sorcery –   {R} Uncommon Adam Rex
Shaman en-Kor Creature – Kor Cleric Shaman   {1}{W} Rare Jeff Miracola
Shard Phoenix Creature – Phoenix   {4}{R} Mythic Rare Paolo Parente
Shatter Instant –   {1}{R} Common Jason Alexander Behnke
Sift Sorcery –   {3}{U} Common Pete Venters
Silver Wyvern Creature – Drake   {3}{U}{U} Rare Colin MacNeil
Skyshaper Artifact –   {2} Common Donato Giancola
Skyshroud Elf Creature – Elf Druid   {1}{G} Common Jeff Miracola
Skyshroud Forest Land –   Uncommon Roger Raupp
Skyshroud Troll Creature – Troll Giant   {2}{G}{G} Common Matthew D. Wilson
Skyshroud Vampire Creature – Vampire   {3}{B}{B} Uncommon Gary Leach
Sliver Queen Legendary Creature – Sliver   {W}{U}{B}{R}{G} Mythic Rare Ron Spencer
Smite Instant –   {W} Common Daren Bader
Soltari Champion Creature – Soltari Soldier   {2}{W} Uncommon Adam Rex
Soltari Guerrillas Creature – Soltari Soldier   {2}{R}{W} Rare Val Mayerik
Soltari Lancer Creature – Soltari Knight   {2}{W} Common Matthew D. Wilson
Soltari Monk Creature – Soltari Monk Cleric   {W}{W} Uncommon Janet Aulisio
Soltari Priest Creature – Soltari Cleric   {W}{W} Uncommon Janet Aulisio
Soltari Trooper Creature – Soltari Soldier   {1}{W} Common Kev Walker
Spell Blast Instant –   {X}{U} Common Steve Luke
Spellshock Enchantment –   {2}{R} Uncommon Thomas M. Baxa
Spike Breeder Creature – Spike   {3}{G} Uncommon Adam Rex
Spike Colony Creature – Spike   {4}{G} Common Douglas Shuler
Spike Feeder Creature – Spike   {1}{G}{G} Uncommon Heather Hudson
Spike Hatcher Creature – Spike   {6}{G} Rare Stephen Daniele
Spinal Graft Enchantment – Aura   {1}{B} Common Ron Spencer
Spined Sliver Creature – Sliver   {R}{G} Uncommon Ron Spencer
Spined Wurm Creature – Wurm   {4}{G} Common Keith Parkinson
Spirit Mirror Enchantment –   {2}{W}{W} Rare D. Alexander Gregory
Spirit en-Kor Creature – Kor Spirit   {3}{W} Common John Matson
Spitting Hydra Creature – Hydra   {3}{R}{R} Rare Daren Bader
Stalking Stones Land –   Uncommon Stephen Daniele
Standing Troops Creature – Human Soldier   {2}{W} Common Daren Bader
Starke of Rath Legendary Creature – Human Rogue   {1}{R}{R} Mythic Rare Dan Frazier
Staunch Defenders Creature – Human Soldier   {3}{W}{W} Common Mark Poole
Stronghold Assassin Creature – Zombie Assassin   {1}{B}{B} Rare Matthew D. Wilson
Stun Instant –   {1}{R} Common Terese Nielsen
Survival of the Fittest Enchantment –   {1}{G} Mythic Rare Pete Venters
Swamp Basic Land – Swamp   Common Brom
Telethopter Artifact Creature – Thopter   {4} Common Thomas M. Baxa
Thalakos Drifters Creature – Thalakos   {2}{U}{U} Uncommon Andrew Robinson
Thalakos Lowlands Land –   Uncommon Jeff A. Menges
Thalakos Scout Creature – Thalakos Soldier Scout   {2}{U} Common John Matson
Thalakos Seer Creature – Thalakos Wizard   {U}{U} Common Ron Spencer
Thopter Squadron Artifact Creature – Thopter   {5} Rare Doug Chaffee
Thrull Surgeon Creature – Thrull   {1}{B} Common rk post
Time Ebb Sorcery –   {2}{U} Common Thomas M. Baxa
Time Warp Sorcery –   {3}{U}{U} Mythic Rare Pete Venters
Tradewind Rider Creature – Spirit   {3}{U} Rare John Matson
Trained Armodon Creature – Elephant   {1}{G}{G} Common Gary Leach
Tranquility Sorcery –   {2}{G} Uncommon Margaret Organ-Kean
Twitch Instant –   {2}{U} Common DiTerlizzi
Vampire Hounds Creature – Vampire Dog   {2}{B} Common Kev Walker
Vec Townships Land –   Uncommon Eric David Anderson
Verdant Force Creature – Elemental   {5}{G}{G}{G} Rare DiTerlizzi
Verdant Touch Sorcery –   {1}{G} Uncommon M. W. Kaluta & DiTerlizzi
Verdigris Instant –   {2}{G} Common Zina Saunders
Vhati il-Dal Legendary Creature – Human Warrior   {2}{B}{G} Rare Ron Spencer
Victual Sliver Creature – Sliver   {G}{W} Uncommon Terese Nielsen
Volrath's Curse Enchantment – Aura   {1}{U} Uncommon Daren Bader
Volrath's Laboratory Artifact –   {5} Rare Brom
Volrath's Stronghold Legendary Land –   Mythic Rare Kev Walker
Wall of Blossoms Creature – Plant Wall   {1}{G} Uncommon Heather Hudson
Wall of Diffusion Creature – Wall   {1}{R} Common DiTerlizzi
Wall of Essence Creature – Wall   {1}{W} Uncommon Adam Rex
Wall of Souls Creature – Wall   {1}{B} Uncommon John Matson
Warrior en-Kor Creature – Kor Warrior Knight   {W}{W} Uncommon Stephen Daniele
Wasteland Land –   Rare Una Fricker
Wayward Soul Creature – Spirit   {2}{U}{U} Common M. W. Kaluta & DiTerlizzi
Whispers of the Muse Instant –   {U} Common Quinton Hoover
Wind Dancer Creature – Faerie   {1}{U} Uncommon Susan Van Camp
Wind Drake Creature – Drake   {2}{U} Common Greg Simanson
Winds of Rath Sorcery –   {3}{W}{W} Rare Drew Tucker
Winged Sliver Creature – Sliver   {1}{U} Common Anthony S. Waters
Wood Sage Creature – Human Druid   {G}{U} Rare Paolo Parente
Youthful Knight Creature – Human Knight   {1}{W} Common Rebecca Guay

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254 cards found.