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Name Type Mana Cost Rarity Artist
Akroma, Angel of Wrath Legendary Creature – Angel   {5}{W}{W}{W} Special Ron Spears
Arena Land –   Special Rob Alexander
Assault Sorcery –   {R} Special Ben Thompson
Auratog Creature – Atog   {1}{W} Special Jeff Miracola
Avalanche Riders Creature – Human Nomad   {3}{R} Special Edward P. Beard, Jr.
Avatar of Woe Creature – Avatar   {6}{B}{B} Special rk post
Avoid Fate Instant –   {G} Special Phil Foglio
Bad Moon Enchantment –   {1}{B} Special Jesper Myrfors
Battery Sorcery –   {3}{G} Special Ben Thompson
Browbeat Sorcery –   {2}{R} Special Mark Tedin
Call of the Herd Sorcery –   {2}{G} Special Carl Critchlow
Celestial Dawn Enchantment –   {1}{W}{W} Special Liz Danforth
Claws of Gix Artifact –   {0} Special Henry G. Higgenbotham
Coalition Victory Sorcery –   {3}{W}{U}{B}{R}{G} Special Eric Peterson
Cockatrice Creature – Cockatrice   {3}{G}{G} Special Dan Frazier
Consecrate Land Enchantment – Aura   {W} Special Jeff A. Menges
Conspiracy Enchantment –   {3}{B}{B} Special Jeff Easley
Craw Giant Creature – Giant   {3}{G}{G}{G}{G} Special Christopher Rush
Dandân Creature – Fish   {U}{U} Special Drew Tucker
Darkness Instant –   {B} Special Harold McNeill
Dauthi Slayer Creature – Dauthi Soldier   {B}{B} Special Dermot Power
Defiant Vanguard Creature – Human Rebel   {2}{W} Special Pete Venters
Desert Land – Desert   Special Jesper Myrfors
Desolation Giant Creature – Giant   {2}{R}{R} Special Alan Pollack
Disenchant Instant –   {1}{W} Special Amy Weber
Disintegrate Sorcery –   {X}{R} Special Anson Maddocks
Dodecapod Artifact Creature – Golem   {4} Special John Howe
Dragon Whelp Creature – Dragon   {2}{R}{R} Special Amy Weber
Dragonstorm Sorcery –   {8}{R} Special Kev Walker
Enduring Renewal Enchantment –   {2}{W}{W} Special Harold McNeill
Eron the Relentless Legendary Creature – Human Rogue   {3}{R}{R} Special Christopher Rush
Essence Sliver Creature – Sliver   {3}{W} Special Glen Angus
Evil Eye of Orms-by-Gore Creature – Eye   {4}{B} Special Jesper Myrfors
Faceless Butcher Creature – Nightmare Horror   {2}{B}{B} Special Daren Bader
Feldon's Cane Artifact –   {1} Special Mark Tedin
Fiery Justice Sorcery –   {R}{G}{W} Special Melissa A. Benson
Fiery Temper Instant –   {1}{R}{R} Special Greg & Tim Hildebrandt
Fire Whip Enchantment – Aura   {1}{R} Special Jeff Miracola
Flying Men Creature – Human   {U} Special Christopher Rush
Funeral Charm Instant –   {B} Special Greg Spalenka
Gaea's Blessing Sorcery –   {1}{G} Special Rebecca Guay
Gaea's Liege Creature – Avatar   {3}{G}{G}{G} Special Dameon Willich
Gemstone Mine Land –   Special Brom
Ghost Ship Creature – Spirit   {2}{U}{U} Special Tom Wänerstrand
Giant Oyster Creature – Oyster   {2}{U}{U} Special Nicola Leonard
Goblin Snowman Creature – Goblin   {3}{R} Special Daniel Gelon
Grinning Totem Artifact –   {4} Special Donato Giancola
Hail Storm Instant –   {1}{G}{G} Special Jeff A. Menges
Honorable Passage Instant –   {1}{W} Special Jeff Miracola
Hunting Moa Creature – Bird Beast   {2}{G} Special DiTerlizzi
Icatian Javelineers Creature – Human Soldier   {W} Special Scott Kirschner
Jasmine Boreal Legendary Creature – Human   {3}{G}{W} Special Richard Kane Ferguson
Jolrael, Empress of Beasts Legendary Creature – Human Spellshaper   {3}{G}{G} Special Matthew D. Wilson
Kobold Taskmaster Creature – Kobold   {1}{R} Special Randy Asplund-Faith
Krosan Cloudscraper Creature – Beast Mutant   {7}{G}{G}{G} Special Ron Spears
Leviathan Creature – Leviathan   {5}{U}{U}{U}{U} Special Mark Tedin
Lightning Angel Creature – Angel   {1}{U}{R}{W} Special rk post
Lord of Atlantis Creature – Merfolk   {U}{U} Special Melissa A. Benson
Merfolk Assassin Creature – Merfolk Assassin   {U}{U} Special Dennis Detwiller
Merieke Ri Berit Legendary Creature – Human   {W}{U}{B} Special Heather Hudson
Mindless Automaton Artifact Creature – Construct   {4} Special Brian Snõddy
Mirari Legendary Artifact –   {5} Special Donato Giancola
Mistform Ultimus Legendary Creature – Illusion   {3}{U} Special Anthony S. Waters
Moorish Cavalry Creature – Human Knight   {2}{W}{W} Special Dameon Willich
Mystic Enforcer Creature – Human Nomad Mystic   {2}{G}{W} Special Gary Ruddell
Mystic Snake Creature – Snake   {1}{G}{U}{U} Special Daren Bader
Nicol Bolas Legendary Creature – Elder Dragon   {2}{U}{U}{B}{B}{R}{R} Special Edward P. Beard, Jr.
Orcish Librarian Creature – Orc   {1}{R} Special Phil Foglio
Orgg Creature – Orgg   {3}{R}{R} Special Daniel Gelon
Ovinomancer Creature – Human Wizard   {2}{U} Special Kev Walker
Pandemonium Enchantment –   {3}{R} Special Pete Venters
Pendelhaven Legendary Land –   Special Bryon Wackwitz
Pirate Ship Creature – Human Pirate   {4}{U} Special Tom Wänerstrand
Prodigal Sorcerer Creature – Human Wizard   {2}{U} Special Douglas Shuler
Psionic Blast Instant –   {2}{U} Special Douglas Shuler
Resurrection Sorcery –   {2}{W}{W} Special Dan Frazier
Sacred Mesa Enchantment –   {2}{W} Special Margaret Organ-Kean
Safe Haven Land –   Special Christopher Rush
Scragnoth Creature – Beast   {4}{G} Special Jeff Laubenstein
Sengir Autocrat Creature – Human   {3}{B} Special David A. Cherry
Serrated Arrows Artifact –   {4} Special David A. Cherry
Shadow Guildmage Creature – Human Wizard   {B} Special Mike Kimble
Shadowmage Infiltrator Creature – Human Wizard   {1}{U}{B} Special Rick Farrell
Sindbad Creature – Human   {1}{U} Special Julie Baroh
Sol'kanar the Swamp King Legendary Creature – Demon   {2}{U}{B}{R} Special Richard Kane Ferguson
Soltari Priest Creature – Soltari Cleric   {W}{W} Special Janet Aulisio
Soul Collector Creature – Vampire   {3}{B}{B} Special Matthew D. Wilson
Spike Feeder Creature – Spike   {1}{G}{G} Special Heather Hudson
Spined Sliver Creature – Sliver   {R}{G} Special Ron Spencer
Spitting Slug Creature – Slug   {1}{G}{G} Special Anson Maddocks
Squire Creature – Human Soldier   {1}{W} Special Dennis Detwiller
Stormbind Enchantment –   {1}{R}{G} Special NéNé Thomas & Phillip Mosness
Stormscape Familiar Creature – Bird   {1}{U} Special Heather Hudson
Stupor Sorcery –   {2}{B} Special Mike Kimble
Suq'Ata Lancer Creature – Human Knight   {2}{R} Special Jeff Miracola
Swamp Mosquito Creature – Insect   {1}{B} Special Nicola Leonard
Teferi's Moat Enchantment –   {3}{W}{U} Special rk post
Thallid Creature – Fungus   {G} Special Ron Spencer
The Rack Artifact –   {1} Special Richard Thomas
Thornscape Battlemage Creature – Elf Wizard   {2}{G} Special Matt Cavotta
Tormod's Crypt Artifact –   {0} Special Christopher Rush
Tribal Flames Sorcery –   {1}{R} Special Tony Szczudlo
Twisted Abomination Creature – Zombie Mutant   {5}{B} Special Daren Bader
Uncle Istvan Creature – Human   {1}{B}{B}{B} Special Daniel Gelon
Undead Warchief Creature – Zombie   {2}{B}{B} Special Greg Hildebrandt
Undertaker Creature – Human Spellshaper   {1}{B} Special Jeff Easley
Unstable Mutation Enchantment – Aura   {U} Special Douglas Shuler
Uthden Troll Creature – Troll   {2}{R} Special Douglas Shuler
Valor Creature – Incarnation   {3}{W} Special Kev Walker
Verdeloth the Ancient Legendary Creature – Treefolk   {4}{G}{G} Special Daren Bader
Vhati il-Dal Legendary Creature – Human Warrior   {2}{B}{G} Special Ron Spencer
Void Sorcery –   {3}{B}{R} Special Kev Walker
Voidmage Prodigy Creature – Human Wizard   {U}{U} Special Christopher Moeller
Wall of Roots Creature – Plant Wall   {1}{G} Special John Matson
War Barge Artifact –   {4} Special Tom Wänerstrand
Whirling Dervish Creature – Human Monk   {G}{G} Special Susan Van Camp
Whispers of the Muse Instant –   {U} Special Quinton Hoover
Wildfire Emissary Creature – Efreet   {3}{R} Special Richard Kane Ferguson
Willbender Creature – Human Wizard   {1}{U} Special Eric Peterson
Witch Hunter Creature – Human Cleric   {2}{W}{W} Special Jesper Myrfors
Withered Wretch Creature – Zombie Cleric   {B}{B} Special Tim Hildebrandt
Zhalfirin Commander Creature – Human Knight   {2}{W} Special Stuart Griffin

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122 cards found.