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Name Type Mana Cost Rarity Artist
Abuna's Chant Instant –   {3}{W} Common John Matson
Acquire Sorcery –   {3}{U}{U} Rare Daren Bader
Advanced Hoverguard Creature – Drone   {3}{U} Common Scott M. Fischer
All Suns' Dawn Sorcery –   {4}{G} Rare Glen Angus
Anodet Lurker Artifact Creature – Construct   {5} Common Jeff Easley
Arachnoid Artifact Creature – Spider   {6} Uncommon Greg Staples
Arcbound Wanderer Artifact Creature – Golem   {6} Uncommon Christopher Moeller
Armed Response Instant –   {2}{W} Common Doug Chaffee
Artificer's Intuition Enchantment –   {1}{U} Rare Wayne England
Auriok Champion Creature – Human Cleric   {W}{W} Rare Michael Sutfin
Auriok Salvagers Creature – Human Soldier   {3}{W} Uncommon Randy Gallegos
Auriok Windwalker Creature – Human Wizard   {3}{W} Rare Jeremy Jarvis
Avarice Totem Artifact –   {1} Uncommon Ben Thompson
Baton of Courage Artifact –   {3} Common Heather Hudson
Battered Golem Artifact Creature – Golem   {3} Common Carl Critchlow
Beacon of Creation Sorcery –   {3}{G} Rare Mark Tedin
Beacon of Destruction Instant –   {3}{R}{R} Rare Greg Hildebrandt
Beacon of Immortality Instant –   {5}{W} Rare Rob Alexander
Beacon of Tomorrows Sorcery –   {6}{U}{U} Rare Jeremy Jarvis
Beacon of Unrest Sorcery –   {3}{B}{B} Rare Alan Pollack
Blasting Station Artifact –   {3} Uncommon Stephen Tappin
Blind Creeper Creature – Zombie Beast   {1}{B} Common Carl Critchlow
Blinkmoth Infusion Instant –   {12}{U}{U} Rare Alan Pollack
Bringer of the Black Dawn Creature – Bringer   {7}{B}{B} Rare Carl Critchlow
Bringer of the Blue Dawn Creature – Bringer   {7}{U}{U} Rare Greg Staples
Bringer of the Green Dawn Creature – Bringer   {7}{G}{G} Rare Jim Murray
Bringer of the Red Dawn Creature – Bringer   {7}{R}{R} Rare Christopher Moeller
Bringer of the White Dawn Creature – Bringer   {7}{W}{W} Rare Kev Walker
Cackling Imp Creature – Imp   {2}{B}{B} Common Matt Thompson
Channel the Suns Sorcery –   {3}{G} Uncommon Rob Alexander
Chimeric Coils Artifact –   {1} Uncommon Michael Sutfin
Circle of Protection: Artifacts Enchantment –   {1}{W} Uncommon Terese Nielsen
Clearwater Goblet Artifact –   {5} Rare Dany Orizio
Clock of Omens Artifact –   {4} Uncommon Alex Horley-Orlandelli
Composite Golem Artifact Creature – Golem   {6} Uncommon Mark Tedin
Condescend Instant –   {X}{U} Common Ron Spears
Conjurer's Bauble Artifact –   {1} Common Darrell Riche
Cosmic Larva Creature – Beast   {1}{R}{R} Rare Jeff Easley
Cranial Plating Artifact – Equipment   {2} Common Adam Rex
Crucible of Worlds Artifact –   {3} Rare Ron Spencer
Dawn's Reflection Enchantment – Aura   {3}{G} Common John Avon
Desecration Elemental Creature – Elemental   {3}{B} Rare Pete Venters
Devour in Shadow Instant –   {B}{B} Uncommon Thomas M. Baxa
Disruption Aura Enchantment – Aura   {2}{U} Uncommon Ron Spears
Door to Nothingness Artifact –   {5} Rare Puddnhead
Doubling Cube Artifact –   {2} Rare Mark Tedin
Dross Crocodile Creature – Zombie Crocodile   {3}{B} Common Edward P. Beard, Jr.
Early Frost Instant –   {1}{U} Common Ben Thompson
Ebon Drake Creature – Drake   {2}{B} Uncommon Pete Venters
Endless Whispers Enchantment –   {2}{B}{B} Rare Carl Critchlow
Energy Chamber Artifact –   {2} Uncommon Kev Walker
Engineered Explosives Artifact –   {X} Rare Ron Spears
Ensouled Scimitar Artifact – Equipment   {3} Uncommon Edward P. Beard, Jr.
Eon Hub Artifact –   {5} Rare Daren Bader
Etched Oracle Artifact Creature – Wizard   {4} Uncommon Matt Cavotta
Eternal Witness Creature – Human Shaman   {1}{G}{G} Uncommon Terese Nielsen
Eyes of the Watcher Enchantment –   {2}{U} Uncommon Ron Spears
Fangren Pathcutter Creature – Beast   {4}{G}{G} Uncommon Rob Alexander
Feedback Bolt Instant –   {4}{R} Uncommon Ron Spencer
Ferocious Charge Instant –   {2}{G} Common Anthony S. Waters
Ferropede Artifact Creature – Insect   {3} Uncommon Jeff Easley
Fill with Fright Sorcery –   {3}{B} Common Luca Zontini
Fist of Suns Artifact –   {3} Rare Arnie Swekel
Fleshgrafter Creature – Human Warrior   {2}{B} Common Jim Murray
Fold into Aether Instant –   {2}{U}{U} Uncommon Anthony S. Waters
Furnace Whelp Creature – Dragon   {2}{R}{R} Uncommon Matt Cavotta
Gemstone Array Artifact –   {4} Uncommon Ittoku
Goblin Brawler Creature – Goblin Warrior   {2}{R} Common Heather Hudson
Goblin Cannon Artifact –   {4} Uncommon Doug Chaffee
Grafted Wargear Artifact – Equipment   {3} Uncommon Alex Horley-Orlandelli
Granulate Sorcery –   {2}{R}{R} Rare Brian Snõddy
Grinding Station Artifact –   {2} Uncommon Greg Staples
Guardian Idol Artifact –   {2} Uncommon Edward P. Beard, Jr.
Healer's Headdress Artifact – Equipment   {2} Common Carl Critchlow
Heliophial Artifact –   {5} Common Wayne England
Helm of Kaldra Legendary Artifact – Equipment   {3} Rare Donato Giancola
Horned Helm Artifact – Equipment   {2} Common Martina Pilcerova
Hoverguard Sweepers Creature – Drone   {6}{U}{U} Rare Mark A. Nelson
Infused Arrows Artifact –   {4} Uncommon Stephen Tappin
Into Thin Air Instant –   {5}{U} Common Ittoku
Ion Storm Enchantment –   {2}{R} Rare Michael Sutfin
Iron-Barb Hellion Creature – Hellion Beast   {5}{R} Uncommon Doug Chaffee
Joiner Adept Creature – Elf Druid   {1}{G} Rare Christopher Rush
Krark-Clan Engineers Creature – Goblin Artificer   {3}{R} Uncommon Pete Venters
Krark-Clan Ironworks Artifact –   {4} Uncommon Tim Hildebrandt
Krark-Clan Ogre Creature – Ogre   {3}{R}{R} Common Paolo Parente
Lantern of Insight Artifact –   {1} Uncommon Tim Hildebrandt
Leonin Squire Creature – Cat Soldier   {1}{W} Common Pete Venters
Lose Hope Instant –   {B} Common Matt Cavotta
Loxodon Anchorite Creature – Elephant Cleric   {2}{W}{W} Common Jim Nelson
Loxodon Stalwart Creature – Elephant Soldier   {3}{W}{W} Uncommon Paolo Parente
Lunar Avenger Artifact Creature – Golem   {7} Uncommon Paolo Parente
Magma Giant Creature – Giant   {5}{R}{R} Rare Nottsuo
Magma Jet Instant –   {1}{R} Uncommon Justin Sweet
Magnetic Theft Instant –   {R} Uncommon Dave Dorman
Mana Geyser Sorcery –   {3}{R}{R} Common Martina Pilcerova
Mephidross Vampire Creature – Vampire   {4}{B}{B} Rare Matthew D. Wilson
Moriok Rigger Creature – Human Rogue Rigger   {2}{B} Rare Wayne England
Mycosynth Golem Artifact Creature – Golem   {11} Rare Paolo Parente
Myr Quadropod Artifact Creature – Myr   {4} Common Christopher Rush
Myr Servitor Artifact Creature – Myr   {1} Common John Matson
Neurok Stealthsuit Artifact – Equipment   {2} Common Francis Tsai
Night's Whisper Sorcery –   {1}{B} Uncommon David Martin
Nim Grotesque Creature – Zombie   {6}{B} Uncommon Anthony S. Waters
Opaline Bracers Artifact – Equipment   {4} Common Anthony S. Waters
Ouphe Vandals Creature – Ouphe Rogue   {2}{G} Uncommon Thomas M. Baxa
Paradise Mantle Artifact – Equipment   {0} Uncommon Greg Hildebrandt
Pentad Prism Artifact –   {2} Common David Martin
Plasma Elemental Creature – Elemental   {5}{U} Uncommon Kev Walker
Plunge into Darkness Instant –   {1}{B} Rare Justin Sweet
Possessed Portal Artifact –   {8} Rare Tony Szczudlo
Qumulox Creature – Beast   {6}{U}{U} Uncommon Carl Critchlow
Rain of Rust Instant –   {3}{R}{R} Common Tim Hildebrandt
Raksha Golden Cub Legendary Creature – Cat Soldier   {5}{W}{W} Rare Pete Venters
Razorgrass Screen Artifact Creature – Wall   {1} Common Tony Szczudlo
Razormane Masticore Artifact Creature – Masticore   {5} Rare Jim Murray
Relentless Rats Creature – Rat   {1}{B}{B} Uncommon Thomas M. Baxa
Relic Barrier Artifact –   {2} Uncommon Nottsuo
Retaliate Instant –   {2}{W}{W} Rare Vance Kovacs
Reversal of Fortune Sorcery –   {4}{R}{R} Rare Greg Hildebrandt
Rite of Passage Enchantment –   {2}{G} Rare Kev Walker
Roar of Reclamation Sorcery –   {5}{W}{W} Rare Justin Sweet
Rude Awakening Sorcery –   {4}{G} Rare Ittoku
Salvaging Station Artifact –   {6} Rare Greg Staples
Sawtooth Thresher Artifact Creature – Construct   {6} Common Alan Pollack
Screaming Fury Sorcery –   {2}{R} Common Edward P. Beard, Jr.
Serum Visions Sorcery –   {U} Common Ben Thompson
Shattered Dreams Sorcery –   {B} Uncommon Greg Staples
Silent Arbiter Artifact Creature – Construct   {4} Rare Mark Zug
Skullcage Artifact –   {4} Uncommon Ron Spencer
Skyhunter Prowler Creature – Cat Knight   {2}{W} Common Vance Kovacs
Skyhunter Skirmisher Creature – Cat Knight   {1}{W}{W} Uncommon Greg Staples
Skyreach Manta Artifact Creature – Fish   {5} Common Christopher Moeller
Solarion Artifact Creature – Construct   {7} Rare Jim Murray
Spark Elemental Creature – Elemental   {R} Common John Avon
Sparring Collar Artifact – Equipment   {2} Common Christopher Moeller
Spectral Shift Instant –   {1}{U} Rare John Avon
Spinal Parasite Artifact Creature – Insect   {5} Uncommon Cyril Van Der Haegen
Staff of Domination Artifact –   {3} Rare Ben Thompson
Stand Firm Instant –   {W} Common Matt Cavotta
Stasis Cocoon Enchantment – Aura   {1}{W} Common Kev Walker
Steelshaper's Gift Sorcery –   {W} Uncommon Greg Hildebrandt
Summoner's Egg Artifact Creature – Egg   {4} Rare Jim Nelson
Summoning Station Artifact –   {7} Rare Stephen Tappin
Suncrusher Artifact Creature – Construct   {9} Rare Dave Dorman
Suntouched Myr Artifact Creature – Myr   {3} Common Greg Hildebrandt
Sylvok Explorer Creature – Human Druid   {1}{G} Common Wayne England
Synod Centurion Artifact Creature – Construct   {4} Uncommon Kev Walker
Tangle Asp Creature – Snake   {1}{G} Common Daren Bader
Tel-Jilad Justice Instant –   {1}{G} Uncommon Alex Horley-Orlandelli
Tel-Jilad Lifebreather Creature – Troll Shaman   {4}{G} Common Jim Nelson
Thermal Navigator Artifact Creature – Construct   {3} Common Jim Murray
Thought Courier Creature – Human Wizard   {1}{U} Common Stephen Tappin
Tornado Elemental Creature – Elemental   {5}{G}{G} Rare Alex Horley-Orlandelli
Trinket Mage Creature – Human Wizard   {2}{U} Common Mark A. Nelson
Tyrranax Creature – Dinosaur Beast   {4}{G}{G} Common Carl Critchlow
Vanquish Instant –   {2}{W} Uncommon Carl Critchlow
Vedalken Mastermind Creature – Vedalken Wizard   {U}{U} Uncommon Darrell Riche
Vedalken Orrery Artifact –   {4} Rare John Avon
Vedalken Shackles Artifact –   {3} Rare Mark Zug
Vicious Betrayal Sorcery –   {3}{B}{B} Common Tomas Giorello
Viridian Lorebearers Creature – Elf Shaman   {3}{G} Uncommon Darrell Riche
Viridian Scout Creature – Elf Warrior Scout   {3}{G} Common Daren Bader
Vulshok Sorcerer Creature – Human Shaman   {1}{R}{R} Common rk post
Wayfarer's Bauble Artifact –   {1} Common Darrell Riche

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165 cards found.