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Name Type Mana Cost Rarity Artist
Accumulated Knowledge Instant –   {1}{U} Rare Randy Gallegos
Avalanche Riders Creature – Human Nomad   {3}{R} Rare Edward P. Beard, Jr.
Brainstorm Instant –   {U} Rare DiTerlizzi
Carrion Feeder Creature – Zombie   {B} Rare Brian Snõddy
Krosan Warchief Creature – Beast   {2}{G} Rare Greg Hildebrandt
Lightning Rift Enchantment –   {1}{R} Rare Eric Peterson
Mother of Runes Creature – Human Cleric   {W} Rare Scott M. Fischer
Reanimate Sorcery –   {B} Rare Robert Bliss
Silver Knight Creature – Human Knight   {W}{W} Rare Eric Peterson
Slice and Dice Sorcery –   {4}{R}{R} Rare Mark Brill
Treetop Village Land –   Rare Anthony S. Waters
Willbender Creature – Human Wizard   {1}{U} Rare Eric Peterson

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12 cards found.