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Name Type Mana Cost Rarity Artist
Blastoderm Creature – Beast   {2}{G}{G} Rare Eric Peterson
Cabal Therapy Sorcery –   {B} Rare Ron Spencer
Circle of Protection: Red Enchantment –   {1}{W} Rare Mark Tedin
Counterspell Instant –   {U}{U} Rare Mark Poole
Duress Sorcery –   {B} Rare Lawrence Snelly
Fact or Fiction Instant –   {3}{U} Rare Terese Nielsen
Flametongue Kavu Creature – Kavu   {3}{R} Rare Pete Venters
Icy Manipulator Artifact –   {4} Rare Douglas Shuler
Juggernaut Artifact Creature – Juggernaut   {4} Rare Dan Frazier
Kird Ape Creature – Ape   {R} Rare Ken Meyer, Jr.
Rancor Enchantment – Aura   {G} Rare Kev Walker
Seal of Cleansing Enchantment –   {1}{W} Rare Christopher Moeller

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12 cards found.