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Name Type Mana Cost Rarity Artist
Alabaster Potion Instant –   {X}{W}{W} Common Harold McNeill
Battering Ram Artifact Creature – Construct   {2} Common Jeff A. Menges
Bog Imp Creature – Imp   {1}{B} Common Ron Spencer
Bog Wraith Creature – Wraith   {3}{B} Uncommon Jeff A. Menges
Circle of Protection: Black Enchantment –   {1}{W} Common Jesper Myrfors
Circle of Protection: Red Enchantment –   {1}{W} Common Mark Tedin
Clockwork Beast Artifact Creature – Beast   {6} Rare Drew Tucker
Cursed Land Enchantment – Aura   {2}{B}{B} Uncommon Jesper Myrfors
Dark Ritual Instant –   {B} Common Sandra Everingham
Detonate Sorcery –   {X}{R} Uncommon Randy Asplund-Faith
Disintegrate Sorcery –   {X}{R} Common Anson Maddocks
Durkwood Boars Creature – Boar   {4}{G} Common Mike Kimble
Elven Riders Creature – Elf   {3}{G}{G} Uncommon Melissa A. Benson
Elvish Archers Creature – Elf Archer   {1}{G} Rare Anson Maddocks
Energy Flux Enchantment –   {2}{U} Uncommon Kaja Foglio
Feedback Enchantment – Aura   {2}{U} Uncommon Quinton Hoover
Fireball Sorcery –   {X}{R} Common Mark Tedin
Forest Basic Land – Forest   Common Christopher Rush
Glasses of Urza Artifact –   {1} Uncommon Douglas Shuler
Grizzly Bears Creature – Bear   {1}{G} Common Jeff A. Menges
Healing Salve Instant –   {W} Common Dan Frazier
Hill Giant Creature – Giant   {3}{R} Common Dan Frazier
Ironclaw Orcs Creature – Orc   {1}{R} Common Anson Maddocks
Island Basic Land – Island   Common Mark Poole
Jayemdae Tome Artifact –   {4} Rare Mark Tedin
Lost Soul Creature – Spirit Minion   {1}{B}{B} Common Randy Asplund-Faith
Merfolk of the Pearl Trident Creature – Merfolk   {U} Common Jeff A. Menges
Mesa Pegasus Creature – Pegasus   {1}{W} Common Melissa A. Benson
Mons's Goblin Raiders Creature – Goblin   {R} Common Jeff A. Menges
Mountain Basic Land – Mountain   Common Douglas Shuler
Murk Dwellers Creature – Zombie   {3}{B} Common Drew Tucker
Orcish Artillery Creature – Orc Warrior   {1}{R}{R} Uncommon Anson Maddocks
Orcish Oriflamme Enchantment –   {3}{R} Uncommon Dan Frazier
Pearled Unicorn Creature – Unicorn   {2}{W} Common Cornelius Brudi
Phantom Monster Creature – Illusion   {3}{U} Uncommon Jesper Myrfors
Plains Basic Land – Plains   Common Jesper Myrfors
Power Sink Instant –   {X}{U} Common Richard Thomas
Pyrotechnics Sorcery –   {4}{R} Uncommon Anson Maddocks
Raise Dead Sorcery –   {B} Common Jeff A. Menges
Reverse Damage Instant –   {1}{W}{W} Rare Dameon Willich
Rod of Ruin Artifact –   {4} Uncommon Christopher Rush
Scathe Zombies Creature – Zombie   {2}{B} Common Jesper Myrfors
Scryb Sprites Creature – Faerie   {G} Common Amy Weber
Sorceress Queen Creature – Human Wizard   {1}{B}{B} Rare Kaja Foglio
Swamp Basic Land – Swamp   Common Dan Frazier
Terror Instant –   {1}{B} Common Ron Spencer
Twiddle Instant –   {U} Common Rob Alexander
Unsummon Instant –   {U} Common Douglas Shuler
Untamed Wilds Sorcery –   {2}{G} Uncommon NéNé Thomas
Vampire Bats Creature – Bat   {B} Common Anson Maddocks
Wall of Bone Creature – Skeleton Wall   {2}{B} Uncommon Anson Maddocks
War Mammoth Creature – Elephant   {3}{G} Common Jeff A. Menges
Warp Artifact Enchantment – Aura   {B}{B} Rare Amy Weber
Weakness Enchantment – Aura   {B} Common Douglas Shuler
Whirling Dervish Creature – Human Monk   {G}{G} Uncommon Susan Van Camp
Winter Blast Sorcery –   {X}{G} Uncommon Kaja Foglio
Zephyr Falcon Creature – Bird   {1}{U} Common Heather Hudson

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57 cards found.