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Name Type Mana Cost Rarity Artist
Auramancer Creature – Human Wizard   {2}{W} Special Wayne Reynolds
Bloodcrazed Neonate Creature – Vampire   {1}{R} Special Dave Kendall
Boneyard Wurm Creature – Wurm   {1}{G} Special Austin Hsu
Circle of Flame Enchantment –   {1}{R} Special James Paick
Curse of Thirst Enchantment – Aura Curse   {4}{B} Special Dave Kendall
Curse of Wizardry Enchantment –   {2}{B}{B} Special Karl Kopinski
Curse of the Bloody Tome Enchantment – Aura Curse   {2}{U} Special John Stanko
Deathless Angel Creature – Angel   {4}{W}{W} Special Johann Bodin
Emeria Angel Creature – Angel   {2}{W}{W} Special Steve Argyle
Fling Instant –   {1}{R} Special Daren Bader
Gather the Townsfolk Sorcery –   {1}{W} Special Bud Cook
Golem's Heart Artifact –   {2} Special Alan Pollack
Hada Freeblade Creature – Human Soldier Ally   {W} Special Cyril Van Der Haegen
Hellspark Elemental Creature – Elemental   {1}{R} Special Nils Hamm
Kalastria Highborn Creature – Vampire Shaman   {B}{B} Special D. Alexander Gregory
Kor Duelist Creature – Kor Soldier   {W} Special Kekai Kotaki
Kor Firewalker Creature – Kor Soldier   {W}{W} Special Alex Horley-Orlandelli
Leatherback Baloth Creature – Beast   {G}{G}{G} Special Chris Rahn
Marisi's Twinclaws Creature – Cat Warrior   {2}{R/W}{G} Special Dominick Domingo
Master's Call Instant –   {2}{W} Special Erica Yang
Maul Splicer Creature – Human Artificer   {6}{G} Special Erica Yang
Mind Control Enchantment – Aura   {3}{U}{U} Special Keith Garletts
Mycoid Shepherd Creature – Fungus   {1}{G}{G}{W} Special Jarreau Wimberly
Naya Sojourners Creature – Elf Shaman   {2}{R}{G}{W} Special Michael Bruinsma
Nearheath Stalker Creature – Vampire Rogue   {4}{R} Special Steve Prescott
Nissa's Chosen Creature – Elf Warrior   {G}{G} Special Sam Wood
Path to Exile Instant –   {W} Special Rebecca Guay
Pathrazer of Ulamog Creature – Eldrazi   {11} Special Goran Josic
Plague Myr Artifact Creature – Myr   {2} Special Ryan Pancoast
Plague Stinger Creature – Insect Horror   {1}{B} Special Tomasz Jedruszek
Rise from the Grave Sorcery –   {4}{B} Special Thomas M. Baxa
Shrine of Burning Rage Artifact –   {2} Special Nils Hamm
Signal Pest Artifact Creature – Pest   {1} Special Chippy
Skinrender Creature – Zombie   {2}{B}{B} Special Adrian Smith
Slave of Bolas Sorcery –   {3}{U/R}{B} Special Karl Kopinski
Sprouting Thrinax Creature – Lizard   {B}{R}{G} Special Jaime Jones
Staggershock Instant –   {2}{R} Special Raymond Swanland
Sylvan Ranger Creature – Elf Scout   {1}{G} Special Ciruelo
Syphon Mind Sorcery –   {3}{B} Special Jeff Easley
Tormented Soul Creature – Spirit   {B} Special John Stanko
Vampire Nighthawk Creature – Vampire Shaman   {1}{B}{B} Special Karl Kopinski
Vault Skirge Artifact Creature – Imp   {1}{B/P} Special Lars Grant-West
Woolly Thoctar Creature – Beast   {R}{G}{W} Special Steve Argyle

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43 cards found.